Press & Praise

What can I say about RoganCo Events? Well first, let me start by saying that 2020 was the year of “Will they or won’t they get married?” A feeling far too many brides experienced throughout this horrific year. 

After making the preemptive decision to postpone our big to-do wedding until next year, we stumbled across RoganCo Events. My husband and I wanted to get married and didn’t want to wait for all for the sake of having a wedding. 

Stacey with RoganCo made that possible, and then some! She introduced me to the intimate wedding and explained our different options in order to share our love with the one's dearest to us. 

She put me in contact with the most amazing vendors in the Hudson Valley- from floral to photography to the most delicious cake I’ve ever eaten- which took a lot of the burden off planning an entirely new wedding in 2020. 

She made our dream wedding possible during a period of impossibility. And because of that, not only did I meet someone who guided me through the stress of getting married during a pandemic- but I also made a friend along the way! And after all, is said and done, and my husband and I continue our venture through life, we don’t even want the big to-do wedding anymore! Stacey and all the vendors were able to make our intimate wedding absolutely perfect in every way.

Jean + Tim