You have sophisticated taste—but a soft spot for the revelry that brings a celebration to life. An appreciation for high-end experiences—but a belief they’re nothing compared to the people you share them with. An eye that’s drawn toward the timeless—but a spirit that loves a good modern moment.

You want a Hudson Valley wedding planner who’s fluent in that same brand of balance. A seasoned expert who brings both a classic take on the art of entertaining and fresh ideas to the table. A warm-hearted planning partner who cares deeply about your worries and wishes—and a straight-shooter who serves up the full transparency you need to hand over your complete trust.

You’re not here for “the best day of your life”—that’s too easy, too expected. You’re here for the best of both worlds…and we’re here to give it to you—plain and simple.

A Hudson Valley Wedding Planner
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The finer things—but make them fun!

Let’s cut straight to it: anyone can respond to an email quickly or tweak a timeline. What really sets me apart is my deep understanding of the little things. I pore over the details others often overlook, am all about ensuring every touch-point exudes your energy (be prepared for all of your guests to rave, "This is so you!"), and never lose sight of the fact that you’re putting your trust in me to create an experience that lives on long after your guests are gone.

I’m so glad you’re here and can’t wait to get to know each other.

A Hudson Valley wedding planner with meticulous attention to detail, a soft spot for a great cocktail hour, and a knack for fostering meaningful connections.

Hi, I’m Stacey

Meet Stacey

We all need Stacey! I could have done my whole wedding on my own but it would have NEVER turned out the way it did with her.
Laura C.

Services that meet the moment

Our offerings are centered around your priorities and rooted in the belief that true service is built on so much more than a cheery email signature (but on empathy, advocacy, and remembering your cocktail order…for starters).

Whether you’re seeking full-service wedding planning, event management—or simply need help finding a Hudson Valley wedding venue that speaks to your style—we’ve got your back and your best interests covered with in-depth area expertise and concierge-level care.

"A constant source of calm throughout our wedding process, answering every text and email with reassurance and positivity (and believe me, there 
were many!)"

- Sarah


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Our Mission

We deliver exceptional service, create extraordinary experiences—and plan weddings grounded in warm hospitality and elevated by serious style.

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