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We stay connected, attentive, and wildly in-tune to your needs—so you can relax, raise a glass, and revel in a journey that inspires presence and ease.

An Upstate New York Wedding Planner who’s here to make it all feel effortless


I love the fresh-start feel of Spring rain or a Cape Cod weekend.

soak it in


I get very excited about an extra dirty vodka martini with olive, chilled the right way.

shake it up


I’ll never say no to a spontaneous mid-week road trip with my children.

pile on in


I cherish summer days spent with family, as the sound of waves fills the air from sunrise to sunset.

beach days are a necessity


I’m a true New Yorker and speak faster than the speed of light (but slow summers in the South will always have my heart).

listen up


my life's must haves

My Top Five

You need a seasoned pro who knows the area like nobody’s business, understands the vendor landscape and has coveted connections within it, and gives every last detail the attention it deserves. You want a smooth, seamless celebration that transcends expectations at every turn—and a planning partner who does the same.

You have a calendar that just won’t quit, a deeply demanding job, and zero desire to go at wedding planning entirely alone. Whether you’re here for full-service support that starts the moment you say “I will!”—or hands-on help in the final days leading up to your celebration—you know what you want; you just need help getting it over the finish line (whether it’s 10 feet or 10 miles away).


i was done. beated. passionless. it was time for a change.

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It all started...

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But first, let's talk about you

Plan a destination wedding in Lake Como, Italy.

Get published in my favorite wedding magazine.

Learn to play the piano.

Learn to speak Italian 
(maybe for my trip to Italy).

Start my own podcast.

Start a 501c for a cause I care about.

Learn to make homemade pasta. 

On My Bucket List...

My Timeline

where I've been


Jumped back into work life and found a surprising passion for hospitality after maternity leave.


Welcomed motherhood for the first time and got to embrace life as a full-time mom.


Married Tim and had three weeks of excitement and romance in Hawaii.


Career Shift - Transitioned from planning corporate trips to orchestrating logistics during hurricanes, embracing a whirlwind of challenges and adventures.


Crossed paths with my future husband, Tim, and by our third date, I just knew he was the one I'd marry.


Kicked off Rogan & Co. to add a touch of flair to my weekends, once filled with football mom cheers.


Transitioned Rogan & Co. to a full-time venture, infusing my days with the art of planning weddings and events.


Began to offer full-service wedding planning and design as my signature service


Booking weddings in Hudson Valley, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and beyond!


We deliver exceptional service, create extraordinary experiences—and plan weddings grounded in warm hospitality and elevated by serious style.

tell me more

 As someone from a big Italian family who doesn’t bat an eye at hosting 25 people for dinner, I loved every second of that extracurricular event planning—but it came to a screeching halt when my son graduated high school.

As fate would have it, right around that same time I found a hand-drawn brochure I’d created years prior when I first got bit by the wedding-planner bug (blame it on J. Lo)—and you can probably guess what happened from there. I founded Rogan & Co., and it felt like I’d finally found the passion and excitement I’d been craving (let’s face it—I was always meant to run the show). 

A wedding for the ages requires a wedding planner who’s seen it all

My path to wedding planning didn't follow the classic script of "I planned my wedding and had an epiphany." Rather, it's been a colorful career kaleidoscope, spanning from operations and hospitality to tech. I've done it all – from mixing drinks behind the bar to coordinating large-scale company retreats and even navigating emergency hurricane-response logistics. So, it's safe to say, a little wedding day surprise isn't going to throw me off my game!

On top of that, I was keeping three small humans alive and—as they grew—planning all kinds of functions at their schools.


Plus, as a Hudson Valley native who’s lived here my entire life, if you’re looking for someone who knows the hidden-gems, must-hit spots, and the best vendors—I’ll let you in on all my secrets. 

More than anything, I believe authentic relationships are formed one honest conversation at a time (read: you’re totally allowed to pick up the phone and call me). Whatever the worry or wish at-hand, you can always count on me to be upfront—it’s what this moment demands, and it’s what you deserve.

Today, I use every single bit of that non-linear path to serve you and yours in a way I’m confident you won’t find elsewhere. I have the kind of life and business experience that allows me to remain calm and take things in stride—no matter what challenge we may face together—and a passion that just won’t quit (yup, that’s me poring over every detail of your wedding as if you were one of my daughters). 

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Not just any wedding. Not just any wedding planner.

Put your trust in a partner who sees your individuality, celebrates your love story, and translates all of that “distinctly you” magic into a wedding that leaves you at a loss for words…but full of the best feelings.

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