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Soft shoulders, sipping champagne—here you come.

Whether you’re seeking full planning and production for the tented wedding of your wildest dreams—or need help finalizing the fine details of an intimate affair you’ve planned on your own—we offer an array of New York wedding planning and event management services designed to meet you exactly where you are (and exceed expectations while they’re at it).

No more second-guessing every decision, stressing over entertainment, or spinning your wheels searching the internet for vendors. All of the confidence, calm, and “Can this night get any better?!”

Where high-class and high-fun are always welcome party guests.

Wedding Planning in New York

Madly in love. Unapologetically vibrant. Chic trendsetters. Bold at heart. Mold-breakers. Fabulous flair enthusiasts. Dreamers who dare. Trusting in our expertise. 

At Rogan & Co., every celebration is as unique and spirited as our couples.

Our approach to wedding planning artfully combines timeless design with a touch of quiet luxury. Clients from various places find us, drawn to our distinct aesthetic and dedication to subtle elegance. 

We aim to elevate each wedding into an event of sophisticated charm, carefully crafted to be both deeply personal and unforgettably graceful.

The Rogan & Co.  Bride...


The Final Prelude: Wedding Ready" marks the moment our meticulous planning comes to life. Assemble personalized welcome bags for an intimate greeting. Ensure all vendors are aligned with the event's timeline for seamless execution. Conduct a final walkthrough of the venue, adjust rental specifics, and oversee delivery coordination. Arrange decor with precision, lead the rehearsal, and confidently delegate to our team for a flawless celebration unfoldment.

The Final Prelude: Wedding Ready

Final Touches


Final Touches perfect every detail. Carefully manage RSVPs for customized guest experiences. Elevate the event with selected songs and a well-defined photography plan. Craft a concise ceremony script and lock in a detailed timeline. Fine-tune seating and layouts to foster guest interaction. Finish with strategic vendor meetings, personalized day-of stationery, and on-schedule payments, guaranteeing a seamlessly orchestrated celebration.


Concept & Creativity unfold with meticulously mapping the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception areas to ensure smooth transitions. A thoughtfully assembled mood board brings your thematic vision into a clear, unified design concept. Embark on a collaborative journey with expert florists, lighting specialists, and stationery designers, selecting rentals and décor that reflect your individual style. The process culminates in a bespoke stationery set and essential day-of details, ensuring elegance and consistency are interwoven throughout your event.

Concept & Creativity

Blue Prints & Beginnings


Laying the Groundwork: Establish your budget and finalize your guest list. Create a personalized website and design distinctive save-the-dates. Map out a clear timeline, choose the perfect caterer with a menu that leaves a lasting impression, and gather your ideal team of wedding professionals. Manage guest accommodations smoothly, and select your wedding party and attire with a touch of elegance.

the wedding experience

our process, here's what to expect

For couples with demanding schedules and the desire to ensure every detail is given its proper due, full-service wedding planning is the perfect choice. Revel in a delightful engagement, unload your every stress on our seasoned shoulders, and walk into an immersive event that does your vision deep justice (hello, clean-and-classic with modern edge).

From venue research and vendor management—to logistics, planning, and execution—we take care of everything it takes to bring your day to life, while you have the option to be as involved as you wish. (More cake tasting, less crying over venue-contract clauses you didn’t see coming.)

The average full-service Rogan & Co. couple spends $1,000 per guest on their wedding.

Full-Service Wedding Planning

Focus on the fun—everything else is ours to handle.

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When you’ve planned your wedding day to near perfection—but need an extra set of hands to fine-tune last-minute details and execute your vision impeccably—our event management services are the ideal solution. We’ll make sure nothing falls through the cracks, while you and yours dance the night away without a worry in the world.

Event Management & Wedding Coordination

Hand the plans you’ve perfected over to our experts—and get ready to celebrate.

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Modern-romantic? Clean-and-contemporary? A bit of both? Our wedding design services are for those who have all of the incredible internet inspiration—but feel overwhelmed at the thought of pulling it together into one cohesive, compelling design. We’ll step in and make sense of your style inspiration as we create a custom wedding design that feels fresh, intentional, and entirely true to you.

Wedding Design

Let’s pull that Pinterest board together into an event aesthetic that packs a major punch.

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Whether you’re seeking a classic colonial estate or clean lines and industrial vibes, we offer expert help finding a wedding venue for couples who want to get married in the Hudson Valley or New England. From the hidden-gems that won’t show up in internet searches—to the criteria and questions you never thought to consider—this one is all about instilling confidence as we find a venue that suits your style, meets your needs…and isn’t full of stressful surprises.

Wedding Venue Scouting

Lose Google—and find confidence in local expertise instead.

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Whitney & Jacob, September 2023

"Stacey and her team  did such a wonderful job coordinating  and managing our wedding day. She was readily available to us leading up to the big day and took charge on the day of, ensuring everything ran smoothly and according to plan! She is very kind and her services felt personal which is so important in a role like this. If anything stressful arose, she did a great job at course correcting and getting everything back on track. Our wedding day was the best day of our lives and Stacey played such an important role in that. Thank you so much!"  — Whitney & Jacob

"Our wedding day was the best day of our lives and Stacey played such an important role in that."

Nicole & Frank, September 2023

"Stacey was a wonderful addition to my wedding team! Stacey coordinated with my vendors, and worked with us every step of the way! When we faced adversity and bad weather, Stacey helped in every way possible to keep our wedding going. Stacey helped manage difficult vendors, flow of our day and made sure my husband and I had the things we wanted at the end of the day. Stacey is a total class act, and I would highly recommend her for any event you or your family may be having. Thank you, Stacey!" — Nicole and Frank

"Stacey is a total class act, and I would highly recommend her for any event"

Stephanie & Karl, September 2023

"I cannot say enough good things about Stacey and her team! From the beginning, Stacey put all my worries at ease and was beyond helpful and supportive throughout the wedding planning process. Stacey was so easy to talk to and I looked forward to our phone calls. Stacey made our wedding day run so smoothly and I didn't have to stress about anything! Everything was on point and exactly what I wanted. I couldn't ask for a more perfect day and working with Stacey was one of the best decisions we made! Don't hesitate to book Stacey!" —  Stephanie & Karl

"I couldn't ask for a more perfect day and working with Stacey was one of the best decisions we made! "

Brittany  &  Mark, June 2023

"Stacey did an amazing job with helping to plan our wedding. Nothing about our wedding day was conventional but she helped put everything together in a seamless way and the day went perfectly. She was a total blessing and such a pleasure to work with every step of the way!"  
 Brittney & Mark

"She was a total blessing and such a pleasure to work with every step of the way!"

Pheobe  &  Kris, Catskills,  October 2022

Stacey is an absolute gem! Our October 2022 wedding celebration in the Catskills was a dream come true, thanks to her. She found us incredible vendors, perfectly bringing our vision to life elegantly. Stacey's commitment to excellence was evident, going above and beyond to seamlessly integrate into our busy lives, ensuring every detail was handled creatively and carefully. We are deeply grateful for her dedication and couldn't have imagined anyone else by our side for our special day. Thank you, Stacey, from the bottom of our hearts!" — Phoebe & Kris.

"We couldn't have done it without her, nor would we have wanted to"

Sarah & Sean, Monteverde, July 2022

"When we had trouble finding a wedding venue, Stacey knew where to turn and helped us secure the most beautiful space. We couldn't imagine our wedding taking place anywhere else. She also works with some of the most incredible vendors. We loved each and every one of them, and it was all thanks to Stacey! We're so grateful to Stacey for her tireless work, ensuring our wedding wasn't just beautiful but tailored to our ideas and imbued with meaning."   Sarah & Sean

"Thanks to her tireless work, our wedding weekend—which consisted of several events—went incredibly smoothly, allowing us to be entirely present and worry-free."

Words we'll raise a glass to...