Hi ~ I’m Stacey Rogan, New York & Connecticut Wedding Planner. After years spent planning corporate events from New York to Hawaii for some big  names  in both the Tech & Restaurant world, I decided to jump into the world of weddings where love, marriage, and relationships are paramount. My creativity and passion were reinvigorated, and I have never looked back.

Meet Stacey

“I’m all the realness and trueness of a best friend. I cut through the small talk with grace and ease like a smackdown delivered with a bouquet of roses. I’m a SASSY NEW YORKER thAT knows her stuff - the one you want in your corner.”

I started my work in corporate America helping to plan and coordinate events for some big names in the technology and restaurant space. But like many of us - I’ve always thought that love is our greatest endeavor.  So, I jumped into the wedding industry full of energy and unafraid. 

A little more about me, friend.

My husband, Tim, and I have been married for  twenty-five years, and I still remember the first time we hosted Thanksgiving. There were 17 people around our table, and that was just my husband’s side of the family!

No matter the guest count, hosting birthday parties and gathering together for holidays has always brought me joy. Events allow me to bear witness to the power of families growing and changing, yet forever bonded together by love and laughter.

To date, adding three children to our celebrations will forever be the greatest adventure and proudest accomplishment my husband and I share.

Through meeting the one, deciding its forever, and planning your wedding day and life together - it's an enormous feat. In a world where couples can call it quits so easily - we believe in couples that work hard every day to make it through. 

Marriage and building a life together is one of the hardest and best things I have ever accomplished. My family and I have weathered many seasons, and the one we’re currently living together, in which my children are excelling, is one of my favorites yet.

In this season, we’re all experiencing growth, including the growth of Rogan & Co. Events where I manage a team of expert wedding planners helping to achieve dreams for Hudson Valley brides. 

Above all, I believe family is most important, and I believe in taking ownership of life, love, and business. We take ownership of the recommendations we give, the plans we help to arrange, and the happiness of you and your loved ones.  Our team loves embracing your special day with you because love is the best thing we do. 

meet the rogan's

We’re a small and tight knit bunch. We met 29 years ago and haven't looked back. We were two people who literally bumped into each other one night while out with friends, who knew that we would fall in love, get married, buy a home, raise three amazing children, 

Welcome to the family!

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