I’m a former event curator for corporate America, who after getting married and raising three kids in the beautiful Hudson Valley which we call home, - when the came time to turn in my mini-van I turned to my first love of wedding coordination and event planning. Years later, I run a small boutique wedding planning,  and floral design studio and work closely together with engaged couples to plan their wedding day with ease and excitement.
I'm so glad you're here, and I look forward to learning about how I can help you celebrate what matters most.

Meet Stacey Rogan

“I’m all the realness and trueness of a best friend. I cut through the small talk with grace and ease like a smackdown delivered with a bouquet of roses. I’m a SASSY NEW YORKER thAT knows her stuff - the one you want in your corner.”

I started my work in corporate America helping to plan and coordinate events for some big names in the technology and restaurant space.

But like many of us - I’ve always thought that love is our greatest endeavor. 

A little more about me, friend.

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So when the time came for me to marry my best friend and raise two young children - I jumped in full-force (which is basically the way I do everything else in life - full of energy and unafraid).

With two small children and budding love for wedding and event planning, I started working closely with a successful Hudson Valley wedding planner in the area - all the while daydreaming about starting my own business. 
But then life hit again - and we joyfully welcomed our daughter Sarah into the world.
And a new baby meant those wild business plans went on the backburner.

read the next part of my story ↦

Through meeting the one, deciding its forever, and planning your wedding day and life together - its an enormous feat. In a world where couples can call it quits so easily - we believe in couples that work hard every day to make it through.

Marriage and building a life together is one of the hardest and best things I’ve ever accomplished. I truly believe every moment of our life lives in a season - and it was thanks to my son that he reminded me this new season could be all my own. (He’s something special, I’ll tell ya). With three children (that are now all grown) it’s come time for me to refocus on my passions - and starting that wedding and event planning business seemed like the only avenue.

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Three years later I manage a small team of expert wedding planners helping to achieve dreams for Hudson Valley brides.

I believe in taking ownership - in life, love, and business, and that’s why our team loves embracing your special day with you. You’ve made the plans - but we manage them like it’s our special day to remember forever. We take ownership of the recommendations we give, the plans we help arrange, and the happiness of you and your loved ones.

Because love is the best thing we do.



We first met when we were dating other people (oops!) but we’re proof that rebound love really works. He’s my favorite person (and it doesn’t hurt that he’s low-key sexy)

Rita, Ken, and Sarah. We’re a small and tight knit bunch.

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