Wedding Venue Scouting

Finding the right venue is critical for your wedding planning and it can prove to be frustrating, especially if you are unfamiliar with the area.
With endless gorgeous locations and venues to choose from, throughout the Hudson Valley and its surrounding areas, it's easy to get overwhelmed. To ensure you don’t choose a location that doesn’t fit all your needs or is difficult to work with our team uses our extensive experience to do all the research for you. Based on a detailed questionnaire, which narrows down your search to only the best available wedding venues for you and your guests., we give you a vetted list of venues to choose from.

Once we’ve done the necessary research and lined up the appointments, we’ll spend a full day with you visiting & touring wedding venues in either the Hudson Valley, Westchester, or Fairfield Connecticut. We will walk you through each location discussing how it can support your wedding vision, provide you with all the important details, and answer all of your questions regarding logistics and scheduling.

It's all about the fit 

Five Ways We Make Your Venue Scouting Easy


We provide access to and knowledge about venues in the Hudson Valley and surrounding areas that you’ll never find in a Google search.


We save you tons of time. While venues share some information, they do not share everything, This is where we come in. It's our job to know every detail about your potential venue and share that information with you.


We save you lots of money. More times than not couples are very surprised at how much their wedding is going to cost, because of all the small details they did not anticipate. With so many venues to choose from couples often overspend on their venue leaving a deficit for other important details. We keep your venue choice working with your budget.


You can hire us for venue scouting, full planning, partial planning, or event management, to suit your needs.


Our approach gives you a care-free experience. When traveling to the New York or Connecticut area of your choice you’ll want to enjoy your time there and leave excited and thrilled about the venue you’ve booked. There are few things as frustrating as falling in love with a venue online only to find out it's out of your budget, can't accommodate your guest list, or isn’t set up to provide you the service you deserve.

 Just click on the link below and we’ll be right by your side while you discover the best venues in the Hudson Valley, Westchester and Fairfield, Connecticut.

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