HUDSON VALLEY Wedding Venue Scouting

Lose Google—and find confidence in local expertise instead.

Whether you’re seeking a classic colonial estate or clean lines and industrial vibes, we offer expert help finding a wedding venue for couples who want to get married in the Hudson Valley or New England, or the Tri-state area. From the hidden-gems that won’t show up in internet searches—to the criteria and questions you never thought to consider—this one is all about instilling confidence as we find a venue that suits your style, meets your needs…and isn’t full of stressful surprises.

Wedding Venue Scouting

Five Ways We Make Your Venue Scouting Easy


We provide access to and knowledge about venues in the Hudson Valley and surrounding areas that you’ll never find in a Google search.


We save you tons of time. While venues share some information, they only share some things; this is where we come in. It's our job to know every detail about your potential venue and share that information with you.


We save you lots of money. Often, couples are shocked at how much their wedding will cost because of all the small details they did not anticipate. With so many venues to choose from, couples often overspend on their venue, leaving a deficit for other important details. We keep your venue choice working with your budget.


You can hire us for venue scouting, full planning, partial planning, or event management to suit your needs.


Our approach gives you a carefree experience. When traveling to the New York or Connecticut area of your choice, you'll want to enjoy your time there and leave excited about the venue you've booked. There are few things as frustrating as falling in love with a venue online only to find out it's out of your budget, can't accommodate your guest list, or isn't set up to provide you the service you deserve.

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