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Four Trends to Incorporate in Your 2022 Wedding

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Twenty-twenty one was the year of micro weddings and small gatherings. With health and safety uncertainties, it was unsure territory to navigate. These smaller gatherings were comforting and cozy, however, with the new year, it’s time to shake it up. 

In 2022, we’re seeing large-scale weddings come back into popularity. Elegance and class are the names of the game and we’re loving it. Here are some of the top wedding trends in 2022 to incorporate into your wedding day: 

Florals From Floor To Ceiling 

Tented Reception

Photography Credit: Dana Fernandez Photography


Does Meghan Markle’s wedding decor sound familiar? Maybe you’ve seen incredible pictures of hanging floral greenery. Either way: it’s in. We are strong believers that you can never have too many florals. Don’t take our word for it! ‘Inside Weddings’ magazine’s preview of their 2022 Winter issue showcases an incredible amount of florals in the most unique and stunning ways you could imagine. We work with some incredible florists who are more than capable of making your wildest floral dreams come true! Contact us to explore all that your florals could be! 



Rent Vintage Furniture 

If you want your wedding to sparkle with class, renting vintage furniture is absolutely a must. Not only is this a simple solution for versatility in your wedding photos, but it’s also a fun option for your guests! Renting vintage, statement furniture gives your wedding an element of grandeur that hors d’oeuvres and crystal can’t quite capture. We offer our very own selection of vintage furniture you’ll absolutely fall in love with.


Photography Credit: Siobhan Stanton Photography

Wedding Weekends 

Why only celebrate your wedding on a single day when you could spend a whole weekend celebrating with some of your most dearly beloved family and friends? Your wedding is an experience of a lifetime, so why not go big? Wedding weekends allow you the time to celebrate your special day void of the whirlwind effect we all get funneled into by having a single-day event. Trust us, you won’t regret hopping on this 2022 Wedding trend. Take a look at some wedding venues in Westchester county that would be ideal to host your wedding weekend at. Looking at venues in a different area? We’d love to help scout out potential options for you! 


Photography Credit: Shania Lee Photography

Black Tie Formal 

In the midst of the dark storm cloud of COVID, no one was having formal affairs. Comfy clothes became the staple and Zoom calls became the dreaded, yet accepted, ‘social time.’ Now, with the skies clearing, people are looking for events where they can break out their formal wear and they’re willing to dress to the nines. Make your wedding a reason for people to say goodbye to the sweatpants and hello to the ballgown and tux. 

Formal goes so much further than attire. You might consider a live band, a champagne tower, or renting a luxury car to arrive or getaway in! The ideas are endless. Not sure where to start? Contact us to get more ideas on how to make your wedding a formal affair. 

Whether you’re wanting to throw the classiest event of the year or keep the wedding festivities going all weekend long, we create chic and timeless weddings for the modern bride through full-service wedding planning, design, and management. Contact us to break the ground on creating the wedding of your dreams.

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