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When to Start Wedding Planning After Your Engagement?

Wedding Planning Tips

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First off, congratulations on being engaged to the love of your life. This is such an exciting time! If you are recently engaged in 2020 or 2021 during the COVID-19 pandemic, you are a true testament to the fact that “love wins!” Now you may be wondering when to start wedding planning after your engagement, especially in the midst of such uncertainty. Here are 5 tips to help you know when to start planning the wedding of your dreams and how to do so without compromising your wedding vision. 

1. Don’t Be Afraid to Start Wedding Planning Now 

So many happy couples are letting the coronavirus rain on their wedding planning parade. With the fear of more lockdowns and social distancing regulations, they aren’t sure if they should start planning their wedding day only to have it change. 

But this isn’t the best approach! 

There are so many reasons to start wedding planning now. With a vaccine becoming readily available, there is a great chance that our world will be back to “normal” before we know it. Rather than scrambling to put your dream wedding together last minute, start planning now. Choose a date, secure your wedding venue and preferred vendors, and get excited to design the most perfect wedding day. Then when the time comes you can relax and enjoy the moment. 

2. Even if You Start Slow, Just Start

If you simply are not ready to set a date for your wedding––either because of the pandemic or because you are planning a long engagement––it doesn’t mean you can’t start planning some of the details now. Do your research and find the best wedding planner with the right wedding packages for your taste and budget. Go on virtual or in-person wedding venue tours and narrow down your options so you have your top choices ready when you do pick a date. Consider whether you want to rent wedding lounge furniture for a spectacular outdoor wedding or have a micro wedding with just your closest friends and family. There are so many things you can plan now for your future wedding. 

3. Don’t Lose Hope 

One of the saddest things I’ve seen is couples losing hope. They feel they will not be able to have the wedding of their dreams when they want to have it. Couples want to marry each other as soon as possible but don’t want to compromise their one and only wedding to do so. Well, I have good news for you: you don’t have to compromise! 

There are so many amazing wedding trends that work within the pandemic guidelines while creating extremely special wedding experiences. We’ve seen drive-in-movie-themed weddings, Airbnb rentals turned into venues for an elaborate wedding weekend getaway, and even the most spectacular backyard weddings. If you haven’t started planning your wedding because you don’t want to compromise on your day, there is hope: a wedding that is better than you ever imagined, even in the midst of the pandemic. It is possible; let us show you how

4. Partner with a Wedding Planner 

Having hope and staying optimistic during the wedding planning process is vital. It will make the entire experience much more enjoyable. Nevertheless, it is important to be prepared should life not get back to “normal” as soon as we hope. This is where having an experienced wedding planner on your team will be beneficial. Just a phone call or email away, they can help you navigate any obstacles that come your way when you start wedding planning for your 2021 or 2022 wedding. 

You may not realize the amount of time it takes to plan a wedding from start to finish. The sooner you establish a partnership with your wedding planner, the sooner you can start wedding planning and have fun while doing it. With realistic wedding planning timelines, a wedding planner can help you stay on track regardless of your wedding date. 

5. Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute to Start Wedding Planning

So many couples have put off planning their 2021 weddings because they aren’t sure what unexpected changes the COVID-19 pandemic will bring. I encourage you not to do this. In fact, I suggest doing the exact opposite! Start planning your 2021 or 2022 wedding now. 

When you wait until the last minute to plan your wedding you risk your top venue choice being booked, your ideal wedding photographer being out of town, or your go-to band being unavailable on your desired date. This is especially true as many 2020 couples are rescheduling their wedding for 2021. 

Fortunately, when you partner with a wedding planning company like Rogan & Co. Events, we can help you find and sign vendor contracts––ones with flexibility in case circumstances change. Plus, we have established relationships with preferred vendors in the Hudson Valley and surrounding areas and can help you book a date that others cannot. Personally, we offer floral design, wedding rentals, and a variety of planning packages. With us, everything you need to plan the wedding of your dreams is within reach. I can’t wait to hear from you!



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