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How Wedding Lounge Furniture Can Transform Your Reception | Examples

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Your wedding reception is the time for your friends and family to gather together and celebrate your marriage. Often a time filled with laughter, good food, lots of dancing, and the sharing of stories and memories with one another, two families become one. Incorporating wedding lounge furniture into your wedding design creates intentional spaces for connection to happen in relaxed and comfortable environments. 

There are so many types of wedding reception venues, and couples may choose their venue for a variety of reasons. It may fit well within their budget, be close to the wedding ceremony location, or offer their desired aesthetics.

From outdoor venues to rustic barns to indoor ballrooms, your venue is the foundation of your wedding reception. The venue you choose sets the stage for the entire wedding celebration. With wedding lounge furniture, you can customize any space and personalize it with your wedding vision. With the right decor elements, you can transform your wedding reception venue into something truly spectacular.

Now, while the idea of a large, antique couch setting out in the middle of a field might not make much sense on its own, such decor elements can actually transform any indoor or outdoor venue into a cozy, intimate, inviting space.

Choosing Your Wedding Lounge Furniture

The wedding lounge furniture you choose for your reception will depend on your wedding style, size, and location. Are you going for a classy look and feel in an elegant ballroom? Do you want a boho-chic style wedding reception hosted in a rustic barn? Is your wedding going to be whimsical, with your reception taking place in a meadow or other outdoor location? Knowing your wedding style and location will help you choose the best wedding lounge furniture for your environment. 

Whether you have a large, traditional wedding or a small, micro wedding will also play a role in the type and amount of wedding lounge furniture you choose. How you tie your wedding lounge furniture into your overall wedding design will make all the difference. Here are some examples and ideas:

Bohemian Wedding Lounge Furniture Examples

Wedding furniture of neutral colors and a variety of styles that work together to create an effortless, antique look can transform your wedding reception. With multiple chairs, couches, rugs, and small touches such as candles and end tables, you can have multiple cozy seating arrangements for your guests to enjoy. 

For example, while two vintage wicker chairs are nice on their own, when you add a boho medallion area rug to tie them together, you have your first cozy space created.

And while a gold velvet tufted back wingback couch may look out of place on its own, you can create your next wedding reception lounge space by adding a centerpiece table and additional seating to tie the pieces together with the rest of your reception decor. This is a classy look that works well for both indoor and outdoor wedding receptions. 

Wedding lounge furniture, wedding rentals, furniture rentals, wedding decor rentals

Your wedding lounge furniture can become a centerpiece of your reception design by adding a pop of color. Bring the inside-out with a full bohemian wedding lounge furniture arrangement. With plenty of seating for your guests to enjoy between meals and dancing, the experience is parallel to none.

Renting Wedding Lounge Furniture 

Now, unless you just so happen to have the perfect antique living room furniture set around your house, you may be wondering how you will be able to incorporate this high-end wedding design into your reception. The answer is wedding furniture rentals.

It is not a wise use of your budget or your time to go shopping for and purchase your own wedding lounge furniture. By renting your furniture, you can ensure you have the highest quality pieces, including the little details that pull everything together, such as end tables, serving trays, and coasters. 

Other Wedding Rentals to Transform Your Reception 

Wedding lounge furniture truly does transform a simple reception area into a cozy, welcoming environment. It sets the tone for your entire reception and encourages friends and family to relax and enjoy each other’s company. 

However, wedding furniture is not the only rentable wedding decor you can use to create the perfect reception environment. Tying into the vintage elements, you can include old books, vintage candle holders, and even bird cages. These unique elements take your wedding reception from average to awesome in a matter of seconds. 

Lastly, renting wedding lights ties everything together, especially if you are outdoors in the evening. Whimsical hanging lights add an element of romance that you don’t want to leave out on your wedding day. 

Transform Your Wedding Design

If you want to design a luxurious reception that encourages friends and family to mingle and stay awhile, incorporate wedding lounge furniture. With reasonably priced wedding rentals, you can have the wedding party you’ve always dreamed of.

At Rogan & Co. Events, we specialize in wedding planning and design. But we offer a variety of wedding lounge furniture rentals, too! With us by your side, we ensure a cohesive look and feel that your wedding guests will notice and appreciate. Contact us today to learn more about our available wedding rentals and wedding planning services.

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