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Don’t cheap out on lighting! Lighting will be the finishing touch on your tent and make it look beautiful, but it can also be costly but functional. A DARK RECEPTION CAN BE DANGEROUS.


Picture Credit: Bride Magazine



Flooring can be a significant expense, but it’s an absolute must! The minimum is a dance floor. Some couples choose a whole base for the tent, but a dance floor can and will work perfectly. You can customize your flooring, just like the rest of your details; custom patterns, simple, or a gleaning wood finish.

luxury flooring for a tented wedding

Photo Credit: Bride Magazine


It would be best if you planned for each possible weather plan. A tent alone does not protect you from heat, cold, or rain; let’s call them undesirable weather conditions on your wedding day. If the weather turns wet, we will need the side walls done (sideway rain is a real thing). People think all the guests will keep it warm in the tent, WRONG! If it’s cold, less than 60 degrees in the evening, heaters are always a good idea, almost a must! Speaking of heat, we don’t want guests sitting in a sauna at your wedding. You may need air conditioning, portable air conditioners exist, and they make a huge difference when it’s 90++ degrees out. Multiple plans may be necessary. Being prepared for anything is why we’re called PLANNERS.


In most circumstances (not all), you will need to build a temporary kitchen tent. The caterer will take care of this right next to the reception tent. We’re not talking fancy here; we’re talking functional. It needs to be closed in the event of weather conditions, but it helps with a proper setup for the catering team; it also serves as a storage place for all the rental crates and items that come in them. Some venues may offer a back-of-house area to utilize, but if they don’t, a kitchen tent is a must for tented weddings.



Everyone loves a clear top tent, but it’s not the best idea in the summer, it presents a greenhouse effect, and it’s brutal for guests, staff, and your setup crew. The heat from this effect will also contribute to the early death of your beautiful flowers. Another popular choice is a sailcloth tent; a lot of thought and floor design goes into this choice. Whatever choice you make in your tent, make sure it’s an educated one.

We love tented weddings, there is just something magical and romantic about them. Planning a tented wedding is not for the faint of heart, working with an experienced planner is absolutely recommended.


sail cloth wedding tent

Photo Credit: William Thomas Photography


luxury clear top wedding tent

Photo Credit: Apis Xo Group


6. Electricity

You’re going to need generators for not only the lighting but the music and the air conditioners and possibly the bathroom trailers. If you have more questions about planning a tented wedding, we would love to help.

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